The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Review

Over the weekend we saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The trailers tell the story (basically, a man born old who ages younger) so it didn’t hold too much surprise, but it was still an interesting story.

I had pretty high expectations of this movie. Brad Pitt is always wonderfully entertaining and can play such a huge range. (What really turned me on to him was his role in Twelve Monkeys.) Based on past works, if Pitt is working with David Fincher, it should be gold (Se7en, Fight Club).

The reverse aging effect was very well done, the story was interesting (and perhaps a little touching — there were a bunch of sobbing women in the theater, anyway), and it was entertaining. The movie was paced well for what was being shown, but it felt s-l-o-w. Very s-l-o-w. It’s not short at about three hours long, and could really use an intermission. But still, definitely worth seeing.

As a side note, Sherree wondered what it says about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship, that he does movies like this and she does movies like Wanted? (To counter, he’d done Fight Club, right? Though I guess that’s still a more thoughtful movie than Wanted was.)

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