Christmas Day, 2008


We headed to my parents’ place for Christmas day. My brother Chris, his fiancee Debbie, and her daughter Amber were there, along with Grammy Wolfgang and my parents, of course. We exchanged gifts, ate food, and played Cranium.

Long-time readers may remember that last year at Christmas-time is when my camera broke, and I had no photos from Christmas 2007. Luckily, Sherree took a bunch of photos last year (1, 2, 3, 4). And so, this year I have a camera to take photos with!

christmas-1.jpg christmas-2.jpg christmas-3.jpg christmas-4.jpg christmas-5.jpg christmas-6.jpg

My brother Jim and his wife Lisa worked together to make Christmas tree hats for all of us. Yes, you read that correctly! These are hats wrapped in fake evergreen, complete with garland, decorations and a big snowflake star on top. I think this does an amazing job of telling you just who my brother is!

My Dad sent along some photos to share, too. Yep, that’s him in his Christmas tree hat, too!

christmas-7.jpg christmas-8.jpg christmas-9.jpg christmas-10.jpg

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Those hats look kinda scratchy!

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