American Idol 8 - Round 1

“Check it out baby…” I’m not a die-hard American Idol fan, but I’m bored with other TV, especially on Tuesday night. I enjoy singing (not that I would ever be good enough to be on the show) so I think that is the appeal for me. I really loved David Cook last season primarily because he took tired, over-played radio songs (in their time) and totally changed them up into his style. His American Idol songs are the only ones that I’ve downloaded from iTunes.

I like the idea that we are going from 36 to 12 in three weeks. When I first started watching the show a few seasons ago, I remember thinking that the elimination process took FOREVER. Let’s weed out the group fast!

My picks from last night - Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, and Tatiana Del Toro. I tried writing my thoughts during the performances, but of course the judges generally agreed with my thoughts, so some of it is repetitive.

Jackie Tohn - I wasn’t feeling the outfit and the jumping around was distracting. I think that she will be as wildcard pick. I think that she’ll be a wildcard pick.

Ricky Braddy - Honestly, most of the judges like him, but his performance was so boring for me, I didn’t even listen. It played in the background as I did other things. Not interested enough to play it back. Maybe it was because I didn’t know the song.

Alexis Grace - I’ve liked her through the entire audition process. She’s a strong singer, and it doesn’t hurt that I really like Aretha Franklin.

Brent Keith - I agree with Kara that he was too safe. I wanted to see something bigger and better from him on the American Idol stage.

Stevie Wright - I hated the beginning. I don’t know the song, but it sounded all wrong. When the song was higher in pitch, she sounded better, but I don’t think that it was good enough. (I’ll be more polite than Simon, which isn’t hard to do.)

Anook Desai - I like his singing, but I was disappointed that he did not put more of him into the song.

Casey Carlson - It was a very strange performance for me. The pieces just didn’t fit together - the outfit, the “dancing,” the vocals, and the change in lyrics.

Michael Sarver - I liked the family man image that he has had throughout the audition process. I think that he would have done better with some kind of country song. Something in the arrangement also bothered me - too much loud cymbal.

Ann Marie Boskovich - Strong vocal, but at times she looked like it was painful to sing. Look like you are enjoying what you are doing! I liked it, thought the judges didn’t seem to.

Stephen Fowler - After forgetting the lyrics and walking off the stage during the audition process, I don’t think that he should have EVER been given another shot. It was very unprofessional. With that said, his Michael Jackson performance was not exciting enough for me.

Tatiana Del Toro - She is SO dramatic and annoying, but she can sing. It’s her talking, laughing, and crying that will NOT carry her through the process. I liked that she remained reserved and not silly.

Danny Gokey - He has been a very great and inspriational story from the beginning. When I was out to lunch yesterday talking about American Idol with a friend, Danny was the only guy that I really remembered out of the group. He is a favorite of mine, and he can sing! A good wrap up to the show.

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You put my thoughts on paper, only with a couple of differences!
1. Danny and Tatiana were my picks for last night. Anook could have had it, but not right song choice.
2. Ricky Brady played one of my favorite songs(I know, boring to most). I think he might be the wild card pick.
3. And Steven Fowler?? I'm amazed as well that they let him through with being so unprofessional by leaving the piano in self-disgust. Well, he's not coming back after last night's performace *ta ta*
I'm anticpating it tonight...

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