American Idol 8 - Round 2

Like last week, I’m writing my comments while watching the performances (slightly delayed thanks to DVR). Some of what I say might be repeated by judges.

I would like to see Allison Irheta, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen come back. Do you agree with my opinions? Warning- as I write these, I’m wondering if I’m being too critical.

Jasmine Murray - I thought that she was a lot better through the audition process. I don’t know if it was the song choice or what, but it didn’t quite work for me. I think that the pitches were really off. Too bad, because I thought that she would have been a strong contender.

Matt Giraud - I didn’t like the vocal (too many cheesy runs and stuff) and the outfit turned me off. Why wear torn jeans and bright, new, white sneakers? I don’t get it.

Jeanine Vailes - Another fashion choice that I don’t understand - long sleeved jacket and short shorts? Anyway, the vocal was not good again. Still not what I’m looking for- something awesome like from Alexis and Danny from last week!

Nick Mitchell - I really do not like him. His vocal has too much nasal tone, he looks dumb, and the act is up. I skipped through his performance because he annoys me so much.

Allison Iraheta - Her voice has a unique tone to it and I think that her song choice was good. I really don’t like the fire engine red hair. But, finally, a decent performance an hour into the program.

Kris Allen - I liked him. He reminds me of David Archuletta. I don’t really remember him from Hollywood, but I thought that tonight’s performance was spirited and in tune. Considering the first four performances, he sounded good!

Megan Joy Corkrey - I didn’t like the vocal and I didn’t like the constant hip twisting. Take the mike off and dance around if you are feeling it! I feel like maybe her shoes were glued to that spot. I think that she has potential to be very unique and someone that I would listen to.

Matt Breitzke - Not very exciting, but I didn’t think that it was bad. He is like the guy from last week with the family story that might carry him through.

Jesse Langseth - I thought that she looked sassy in the beginning, which I liked, but the vocal wasn’t quite right. I liked that she picked an older song instead of something more recent. The variety makes her stand out a little more in my mind.

Kai Kalama - I’m not sure how far he will get, but with a little “star power” he could become a force to be reckoned with.

Mishavonna Henson - I don’t think it was a good song choice at all. It just didn’t seem to fit, but I think that she can sing. I agree that I would like to see her be a little more fun, but not silly.

Adam Lambert - He was very entertaining, but an upbeat song helps that a lot. I personally find that very appealing. I loved it! He’s my top pick for the guy to come back.

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I didn't get to watch Thursday's show, but I believe that I was three for three, right?

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