Scrapbooking Our First Trip to Disney

Back in 2004 I got Dan to agree to a trip to Walt Disney World. While in Florida we also visited WonderWorks, Sea World, and Kennedy Space Center. You can see our posts about our trip here and here.

This trip took place early in my scrapbooking days, and now that I look at the pages, I’m amazed how far I have come. There is some technique and creativity in this book, such as using color and patterns to bring the page together. However, I think that the 7x7 format and the fact that I accumulated so much embellishment “stuff” hindered me a bit. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take a peek and maybe steal an idea or two though!

The approach I took of this book is quite rigid and sectioned. Everything is categorized and grouped, so I will break up the scans of my pages as not to be overwhelming. I had a very journalistic approach to journaling and photographing this trip. In addition, I did not keep notes of funny things that happened and I scrapbooked the photos well after the trip. Always bring a little notebook! You’ll see the difference it makes with my next Disney scrapbook (the 2008 trip).

If you have any comments or questions on layouts or photos, place them in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you. For certain things, I’ll put a description in the photo caption.

I always have a title page for my scrapbooks (or section of the scrapbook) probably because I’m neurotic like that. I also did a spread of where we stayed. You will see these little metal charms throughout the book. The big thing at Disney that year was charm bracelets and I bought a bunch of charms. Until I reached the cashier, I didn’t realize that they were $4 a piece! Also on the negative side, they put indents and damage on the page opposite them. Next time I will reconsider such a thing.

Untitled-64.jpg Untitled-63.jpg Untitled-62.jpg

The first main section of the book was our time in the Magic Kingdom. We rode a lot of the rides and “experienced the magic.”

Untitled-61.jpg Untitled-60.jpg Untitled-59.jpg Untitled-58.jpg Untitled-57.jpg Untitled-56.jpg Untitled-55.jpg Untitled-54.jpg Untitled-53.jpg Untitled-52.jpg Untitled-51.jpg

Ah…. the days when Disney Hollywood Studios was MGM Studios.

Untitled-50.jpg Untitled-49.jpg Untitled-48.jpg

The next section of the scrapbook was devoted to Animal Kingdom. This was the first time that I got to visit.

Untitled-47.jpg Untitled-46.jpg Untitled-45.jpg Untitled-44.jpg Untitled-43.jpg Untitled-42.jpg Untitled-41.jpg

Oh… it’s our favorite- EPCOT!!! Here’s another example of my extremely anal approach to scrapbooking (at the time). All of the countries in EPCOT are listed in order as they are placed around the World Lagoon from left to right. How does Dan put up with me?!

Untitled-40.jpg Untitled-39.jpg Untitled-38.jpg Untitled-37.jpg Untitled-36.jpg Untitled-35.jpg Untitled-34.jpg Untitled-33.jpg Untitled-32.jpg Untitled-31.jpg Untitled-30.jpg Untitled-29.jpg Untitled-28.jpg Untitled-27.jpg Untitled-26.jpg Untitled-25.jpg Untitled-24.jpg Untitled-23.jpg Untitled-22.jpg

Now for a little fun outside of the box… Dan went down to Disney with the hope of meeting all of the princesses, so I called it his quest. We never did see Ariel.

Untitled-21.jpg Untitled-20.jpg Untitled-19.jpg Untitled-18.jpg Untitled-17.jpg Untitled-16.jpg Untitled-15.jpg Untitled-14.jpg Untitled-13.jpg Untitled-12.jpg

Lastly, there are a few pages for each of the places off Disney property. The last page is something that I started with this book- a reflections page. It’s a space where both Dan and I can write about our feelings of the trip. I’m still awaiting for Dan to do his reflection on the Wyoming book. When his does, I’ll post the pages of that scrapbook as well.

Untitled-11.jpg Untitled-10.jpg Untitled-9.jpg Untitled-8.jpg Untitled-7.jpg Untitled-6.jpg Untitled-5.jpg Untitled-4.jpg Untitled-3.jpg Untitled-2.jpg Untitled-1.jpg

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very nice book. In 2005 i changed over to the 12x12 format and I am organizing the photos before that on the 8x11 pages and they seem so small now. Your pages are very nice, great story. I haven't been to DW, looks like fun.

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