Photos from Chris and Debbie’s Wedding


A few weeks back, my brother Chris and his fiancée Debbie were married. They asked me to take photos for them; this was my first time shooting a wedding.

Most of the “event” photography I do is centered around Scouts — most typically campouts and Eagle Scout Courts of Honor. I think I’m pretty successful at capturing those well. That may be because I have so much background and experience with them, but I’d like to think I’ve also got some skill that shines through.

I’m pretty happy with the results of this shoot. I think I managed to capture some good and unique photos, along with some of the “standard” shots Chris and Debbie wanted. On the downside, I didn’t get a single good formal shot of the bride and groom. I also didn’t get any shots of just my parents together (such as during the reception).

wedding-1.jpg wedding-2.jpg wedding-3.jpg wedding-4.jpg wedding-5.jpg wedding-6.jpg wedding-7.jpg wedding-8.jpg

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