COPE Course Photos


Way back in April, Troop 29 did part of the COPE course at Camp Mattatuck. The COPE course is a bunch of games, low-, and high-ropes activities that challenge the individual and team — but most importantly, there’s a 685-foot zipline!

I remember doing a COPE course when I was a Scout, but it wasn’t near as involved or as developed as the course we were on, so it was still new to me. At most Scout events, I take most of the photos and other Scouts take a few; but at this one, the Scouts took most of the photos, and I only took a few!

cope-course-1.jpg cope-course-2.jpg cope-course-3.jpg cope-course-4.jpg cope-course-5.jpg cope-course-6.jpg cope-course-7.jpg cope-course-8.jpg cope-course-9.jpg cope-course-10.jpg

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