RIP Goober


I noticed throughout the day that Goober had not awakened nor changed sleeping positions as she is prone to do. Upon further investigation (shaking the cage), it was discovered that Goober peacefully passed away in her sleep. She was two and a half years old.

We adopted Goober from Petco in March 2007 with aspirations of entering her into the Hamster Ball Races the following weekend. Though she received extensive training, Goober didn’t even really make it off the starting line. She just stood there and looked at me. I didn’t make a big deal of it because I was one of the only two adults that had entered the competition. Oh well. She received a certificate of participation which is in my scrapbook.

Over the years, Goober became part of our family. One of her favorite pasttimes was chasing Pinball while in her ball. Goober would roll right up into Pinball’s behind and push her around the house.

Goober also mastered the fine art of prison escape. She managed to break out of her Smartpet cage several times. (#1, #2, #3) Finally with a pad lock on the door and duct tape on the thing, she could be contained.

We will miss you Goober. You provided us with some good stories!

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