2008 Disney Trip Scrapbook: Part 1

As previously mentioned on this webiste, we visited Walt Disney World in 2004 (see the scrapbook). We visited again in 2008 but this time we brought Dan’s parents.


Not to toot my own horn, but I think that this most recent scrapbook is awesome. Definitely my best work. I attribute this to the fact that I took notes to journal during the trip and also completed the book within a year of the vacation. In addition, I tried to go outside of my normal chronological sequencing. I wanted to group photos in certain ways that described the Disney experience. So, I came up with a list of adjectives (and some nouns) and sequenced my photos that way. This also allowed me to use several photos of the same subject but in different places in the book. I really tried to focus on journaling as well.

I decided to complete a 12 x 12 album this time. The one that I used is the retired size Creative Memories Disney album, and I have it stuffed tight! I used the gold-sparkled pages also from Creative Memories. Most of the stickers and embellishments are made by EK Success and Jolee’s (I believe- I bought so much stuff again before I worked on the book because my local scrapbooking store was going out of business and I had a good-sized credit on my account).

Because I did buy a lot of stuff before the trip, I had an idea of the categories I wanted to use in my scrapbook as well as the photos that I wanted. I wasn’t going to persue character autographs as aggressively as I did on our first trip, but I decided to bring a variety of CM Storybook Mats to use for autographs, as well as CM broad metallic, brown, and black pens. It worked out well, and the characters liked having the plastic box to use as they signed.

Each section has its own title page. I used my Sizzix Sidekick’s Fruit Smoothie and Wet Paint alphabets. I also bought a Mickey head punch, which I also believe was made by EK Success.

This scrapbook is huge, so I will show pictures of my pages in several posts. I took the pictures at an angle because I was trying to avoid the glare of the overhead light, the window, and the camera flash. So, here it is! (At least the first few sections!)

Disney is family.

IMG_6747.JPG IMG_6748.JPG

Disney is thrilling.

IMG_6749.JPG IMG_6750.JPG IMG_6751.JPG IMG_6752.JPG IMG_6753.JPG IMG_6754.JPG IMG_6755.JPG IMG_6756.JPG

And Disney is animation coming to life.

IMG_6757.JPG IMG_6758.JPG IMG_6759.JPG IMG_6760.JPG IMG_6761.JPG IMG_6762.JPG

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