2008 Disney Trip Scrapbook: Part 2

Previously I wrote about how huge my Disney scrapbook is, so I’m going to put photos of it up in sections. If you missed part one (including Disney is family, thrilling, and animation coming to life), click here to start from the beginning.

Disney is delicious food.

IMG_6764.JPG IMG_6765.JPG IMG_6766.JPG IMG_6767.JPG IMG_6768.JPG IMG_6769.JPG

Disney is fantasy.

IMG_6770.JPG IMG_6771.JPG IMG_6772.JPG IMG_6773.JPG

Disney is cultural.

IMG_6774.JPG IMG_6775.JPG IMG_6776.JPG IMG_6777.JPG IMG_6778.JPG IMG_6779.JPG IMG_6780.JPG IMG_6781.JPG

Disney is adventurous.

IMG_6782.JPG IMG_6783.JPG IMG_6784.JPG IMG_6785.JPG

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