Visiting the North Stonington Fair


On Saturday I decided to drive down to North Stonington to attend the first CT fair of the season. The weather was beautiful, and I took some pictures while there. I was surprised by how small the fair was, despite its “major fair” status. I was excited to see that the lawnmower races were going on. I sat and watched the preliminary races for a while before calling it a day. All in all, it was an ok trip, but I wouldn’t travel all the way back there next year.

DSCN0149.jpg DSCN0151.jpg DSCN0154.jpg DSCN0155.jpg DSCN0160.jpg DSCN0161.jpg DSCN0165.jpg DSCN0168.jpg DSCN0174.jpg DSCN0177.jpg

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