Visiting Southwick Zoo

A few weeks ago Dan and I decided to take a weekend trip up to Kittery, Maine. We spent Saturday wandering around the outlets. On Sunday, we decided to visit the Southwick Zoo on the way home. I visited this zoo a number of times as a child and I’ve been curious to check it out again. A lot of the exhibits remain the same, but it seems a lot bigger now. (See the map.) The day we visited was quite hot and humid. As well, I don’t move as well these days. Despite that, we saw most of the zoo (all except some monkey exhibits and any shows).

Southwick Zoo (2 of 12).jpg Southwick Zoo (3 of 12).jpg Southwick Zoo (5 of 12).jpg Southwick Zoo (7 of 15).jpg Southwick Zoo (8 of 12).jpg Southwick Zoo (9 of 12) copy.jpg

It turned out to be an enjoyable time. I liked that this zoo has some unusual animals that you don’t usually see, like Patagonian Cavy. As well, there were a number of young animals, including a baby chimp and a baby babboon that were a lot of fun to watch. Because of its size, the zoo is pretty well spaced out. There is also a Deer Forest that you can walk through. Away from the food dispenser areas, it was a peaceful walk through some shaded areas with deer walking all around.

Besides the obvious animal exhibits, I should mention that we ate lunch at Clarice’s Cupboard, one of the dining opportunities. Our expectations were not too high for zoo food, but we have to say that the sandwiches that we got were really good! I had a chicken wrap and Dan ordered a panini. The prices were decent, and the food was delicious! You can, of course, picnic, but I would recommend picking up a zoo sandwich!

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