One Year, Full Time, Self Employed

Saturday, September 12, marked one year since I have started working for myself full-time for our company, uiNNOVATIONS. Wow, a year already! Time has flown by, in a very good way.

Well, I suppose this needs some clarification. I have actually been working for myself full-time since somewhere around February, 2008, and I was also working for my previous employer full-time then, too. Now, it’s hard to imagine how I managed to work two full-time jobs! September 12, 2008 was my first day of working only one job full-time!

It has been a good year. I’ve been able to work a manageable schedule, typically 40-50 hours each week (though there have been some scary late-night exceptions). I’ve been able to see a constant flow of work from new and existing clients. I’ve been able to balance challenging new tasks and comfortable, familiar tasks.

I won’t lie and say we haven’t felt the tough economy — we have. There are always struggles and successes, and I feel like our little company has stood up to it all very well and even thrived a little. In fact, we will definitely exceed one of my 2009 financial goals!

What does the next year hold? I honestly don’t know. I need to sit down with the business plan and review it. From there, I can make some new goals, better priorities, and generally figure out how to turn 2010 into another successful year!

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