Jeff’s Eagle Project


It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there to see, first-hand, a Scout start and complete his Eagle project, but I was there for Jeff’s. His project was to rebuild one of the courtyards at his high school: three new large picnic tables, three new patios for those picnic tables, repairing the water fountain, and general landscaping were all included.

Jeff planned two work days (which had an amazing turn-out of help—20+ people each day), plus spent several other days after school and in evenings working with others to get the gravel and sand placed, as well as cutting all of the wood for picnic tables. I don’t know what the total number of man-hours spent on the project was, but by my math is has to be over 400, perhaps 500 man-hours! This is definitely one of the biggest projects I’ve seen in a long time!

Some fun numbers:

  • 20 two cubic foot bags of mulch
  • 4 cubic yards of gravel
  • 1.5 cubic yards of sand
  • 1200+ bricks
  • and about 350 pieces of wood to build the picnic tables (I think)

…all moved through the school. You see, the courtyard is in the middle of the school, so everything needed to be carried, carted, and wheelbarrowed through the school hallways to get to the courtyard. A gigantic piece of the labor of the project was simply moving everything over that distance!

jm-eagle-project-1.jpg jm-eagle-project-2.jpg jm-eagle-project-3.jpg jm-eagle-project-4.jpg jm-eagle-project-5.jpg jm-eagle-project-6.jpg jm-eagle-project-7.jpg jm-eagle-project-8.jpg jm-eagle-project-9.jpg jm-eagle-project-10.jpg jm-eagle-project-11.jpg jm-eagle-project-12.jpg jm-eagle-project-12b.jpg jm-eagle-project-13.jpg jm-eagle-project-14.jpg jm-eagle-project-15.jpg

Awesome job, Jeff.

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