Creatively Giving a Photography Gift Card


We often give gift cards or tickets as gifts, and they always deserved to be dressed-up with a fun and exciting presentation. (See what we’ve done: 1, 2, 3, 4). But for Christmas this year, my parents surprised me with a creative gift: a B & H gift card in a “camera”!

Receiving gift cards to places you want to shop is always fun, but opening one is always anti-climatic. After tearing off the paper and opening the box you say “thanks”… and then what? There’s no instant gratification of a new toy to play with! Creating a special package for the recipient to open really adds to the enjoyment of the process.

I tore the paper off my gift to find a Nikon D50 box, which immediately clued me in that this must be a photo-related gift: we gave my Dad the D50 a few years earlier, so seeing the box repurposed to me was a hint. I opened the box to find a “camera” made from a cardboard box and a peanut butter jar lid, painted black and finished with a memory card “slot.” After studying the camera for a few moments and feeling a little confused, I noticed that sticking out of the memory card slot was a tape pull tab. So I pulled, and was rewarded with the gift card!

camera-1.jpg camera-2.jpg

This is an excellent way to present a gift card to any photographer! A little tip, however: place the shutter release button on the correct side of the camera!

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