A Patrick Update


Patrick is almost three weeks old. He’s had several visitors and even more people asking about him. He’s made lots of funny faces and poopy diapers. He’s even had a few outings. I have had intentions of posting photos more regularly, but, well, I’m sure every parent knows how that goes!

patrick-1.jpg patrick-2.jpg patrick-3.jpg patrick-4.jpg patrick-5.jpg patrick-6.jpg

I’ve mostly shot with my DSLR, and only occasionally with the iPhone. Having Patrick around has been a great opportunity to use my camera, experiment, and practice technique. Everything I do post (more than is here) goes to my Flickr account, so you may want to visit that — the Family set is probably what you want! (Note that higher resolution photos are available on Flickr, and that you can order prints there if you have a Flickr account.) Sherree has also been taking many photos, and she mostly does so with her iPhone which makes it easy for her to keep her Facebook account updated.

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