Snow geese, by Pop-pop.


Snow geese, by Pop-pop.

One time, in the mid-1990’s, Grammy and Pop-pop were visiting. Pop-pop pulled out some photos to share: he had about a dozen shots that—when laid out on the table—created this large panorama of snow geese. I don’t remember where they were when he took this, unfortunately.

Anyway, I grabbed the photos and scanned them all in to assemble this single shot. It’s hardly a good stitching job, and of course the geese moved from shot to shot.

But, the best thing? Finding this scan about 15 years later, when I had long since forgotten about it!

See the original on Flickr.

In the beginning of August, my friend Pete started doing something called August Break, where he switched things up from photo-heavy posts to focus on some editorial content. What evolved was a really neat format of a photo and a small story. Something I want to emulate a bit here.

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Glad to have provided a little inspiration.

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