Troop 60’s first aid training, put to use.


Troop 60’s first aid training, put to use.

One of the things I really enjoyed about Troop 60 is that the adults operated as a patrol, just like the Scouts. We even participated in district events — such as at this Klondike Derby in the late ’90s.

At this Klondike, an event was that your patrol had to split a piece of wood into as many strips as possible. An unexpected requirement was that you were required to show your Totin’ Chip in order to be able to participate. We were lucky because Charlie was the only one to remember his. And so, he was our designated “chopper.”

Charlie stepped into the axe-yard and began splitting the wood. Being the middle of winter it was very cold, however Charlie decided to work without gloves for the increased dexterity it offered. Unfortunately, with one swing of the hatchet he nicked his finger. He stopped to give it a closer look and it really was just a small nick — however it bled quite a bit.

Charlie pressed on, chopping the wood. And here’s the disturbing part: the rest of us just laughed at him. The blood coming from his finger was simply covering the wood and making it more difficult to work. It was funny!

Of course, once done, we pulled out our first aid kit and got him bandaged up.

Yes, Charlie still has his finger.

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