Half-circle star trails

Half-circle star trails

After carefully aligning the tripod, I was sure I had Polaris in the center of the frame. Obviously, I was wrong. I wonder if I just need some more experience or other skill to better learn how to pick out Polaris and center the camera on it.

Regardless, this created a near-perfect half-circle of star trails, and I think it looks pretty slick.

This composite is made up of 1605 photos taken over two hours.

As more time elapses, the star trails get longer. However, the length of the trails isn’t simply affected by time: it’s exaggerated by a longer focal length lens. This was shot with a 50 mm lens. A photo showing two hours of trails shot with an 85 mm or 200 mm lens will look to have longer trails than this. Of course a longer lens is even more difficult to aim at Polaris.

See the original on Flickr.

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1605 PHOTOS?? How on earth did you do that? Why so many shorter exposures rather then fewer longer exposures?

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