Bad bird photo: downy woodpeckers


Bad bird photo: downy woodpeckers

I was excited to see three downy woodpeckers out on the bird feeder: two females and a male. In fact, their was a fourth in the branches just above the feeder (another female).

Unfortunately, there are several things counting against this shot. Most obviously, the woodpecker on the left isn’t quite sharp. Look close and you will also notice that the male (with the red patch) has a blurry beak. I shot this through the porch window, which has made the whole photo a little less sharp than it could be, too. The bottom right corner has the edge of the clothesline visible, which certainly detracts from the shot. Really, not a good photo.

On the other hand, it was neat to see three downy woodpeckers all at the feeder together, and I was also able to count that there are definitely three females around, too.

See the original on Flickr.

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