A Christmas Color Palette


I’ve been working on a new site design for about a year. Back in August I deployed it to danandsherree.com and have continued to make some fixes over the past months. One of the biggest features is the ability to easily change the site’s color palette, refreshing the look and allowing anyone to create a unique look. (Reading in a feed reader? Visit the site now!)


Today I refreshed the color palette with a photo of our Christmas tree. It wasn’t entirely successful. The colors of the site can be found in the photo, but the color palette options didn’t look anything like what I was expecting or hoping to see!

Each photo is sure to generate a different palette. It’s equally likely that a photo will not give you exactly the palette you expect. In some ways, that’s the fun of it — finding a photo that will give you a palette you want to use. But perhaps I also need the ability to arbitrarily select colors for a palette.

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