Jack & Jen’s Wedding


On Friday night Sherree and I drove up to New Hampshire to see our friends Jack and Jen get married (while Patrick stayed home with Gramma and Aunt Alanna). I race with Jack at the RC track on Friday nights, and Jen often jumps in to corner marshal.

Jen has asked me a few times about taking photos for them, and I was happy to have the opportunity to do so! I’ve only shot one previous wedding (my brother Chris’), and after looking through photos notice the same problem with both shoots: I didn’t get a good formal shot of the the bride and groom. Regardless, I’m pleased with the results, and Jen and Jack seem to be, too!

Anyway, the lighting wasn’t ideal (is it ever?) and I was glad to be able to take advantage of both of my flashes, Nikon SB-900s. I used both of them together quite a bit, then also alternated them once they started overheating. (I leave the thermal shutdown enabled even though I suspect I could safely shut it off. I may have also been able to use the second flash without the diffuser to make more efficient use of the flashes power.)


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