Kayaking with Patrick

I’ve been trying to convince Patrick to go kayaking with me for quite a while, including last summer. He hasn’t been interested and I didn’t want to push him. A few weeks ago his attitude changed a little and he’s gradually been swayed. This morning before getting in the car we talked about wearing the life jacket (which we’ve discussed previously) and to my surprise he eagerly tried it on. We headed to Coventry Lake and Patrick was excited to grab his life jacket and run down to the water. He helped me unhook one of the straps and we got the kayak in the water. We both squeezed into the small cockpit of my kayak and pushed off!

We were on the water for only about 30 minutes but saw a lot: ducks, geese, a dog jumping in the water, and many boats, of course. I also weaved around several buoys and Patrick was excited to be able to reach out and touch them. He was a bit upset when I said we should head in, but excited at the idea of going out again!


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