New Year Goal and 2015 Recipe #1

Hmph. I haven’t made an entry since 2010. Well, I’ll just say that I’ve been a little busy with Patrick. And Dan hasn’t made an entry since Nov. 2014, and we’ll just say that is because of the move.

So last year I made a goal to try a new recipe every week, and for most of the year, I did that. I think that after school started back up in September things just got too hectic, but following through for 3/4 of the year seemed good. I made the goal to give me a reason to dive into the binder plus of collected recipes to try as well as to mix in some new things into our usual favorites. More recipes were disliked than loved. Some we realized just needed a little Wolfgang touch and probably some kind of spice. ;)

So I thought that if I wrote about our experiences here, that would help keep me on track in 2015. Instead of a recipe a week, we’ll just say that we will try at least 52 recipes.

So recipe #1 has been sitting in my browser for a little while so the other night I decided to try it- Coffee Mug Molten Chocolate Cake for Two. It interested me because it sounded like it would satisfy a chocolate craving quick, or be an easy solution for Patrick’s earned junk food in the evening. As well, being quick with little cooking time, maybe Patrick would be interested in helping to create it and see it through baking.

Aside from having to fine tune cooking times with my microwave, I loved it. The dark chocolate flavor comes through, and I have all the ingredients on hand all the time. (I used dark chocolate chips for the chocolate portions.) Patrick was not a fan of his because it was too moist (but cooked, I assure you), and Dan didn’t like Patrick’s because it was too dry on the bottom. I attribute this to me overcooking them while trying to figure out how to get the top solidified. Plus I think Patrick ate the “molten” moist part. Either way, if the boys don’t like them, I’ll just make them for myself. First yummy recipe of the year! :) Score!

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