Recipe #2- Saucy Asian Meatballs

The picture and idea of Saucy Asian Meatballs were very enticing, but tonight’s dinner was disappointing. :(

In general, I like turkey meatballs, and I like that these meatballs don’t have additional eggs or bread crumbs. The problem I have with them, and I knew this would happen when I was following the recipe, is the ground ginger taste. It was just… odd. I think if I would try them again I would use fresh grated ginger and/or five spice powder.

The sauce also didn’t work for us. It didn’t seem very balanced or Asian-y. The raw tomato paste taste was overpowering, and there was no heat to the sauce. Maybe next time I would use tomato sauce or even ketchup, possibly less vinegar, a little more sweetness, and more hot sauce (maybe even some chili paste).

Any suggestions out there? Do you have a favorite recipe similar to what we were expecting from this one?

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