Recipe #10- One Skillet Spicy Ranch Chicken

Another one skillet recipe spoke to me- One Skillet Spicy Ranch Chicken. I love ranch, and enjoy it on my tacos or taco salad, especially mixed with chipotle Tabasco sauce. So even though the picture had lots of chunks of stuff including beans (yuck), I hoped that Dan would like it and I could enjoy it too.

I could not find spicy ranch mix after 3 different stops. (I did find it at Target this past weekend after the fact.) So, I used regular ranch mix and added some crushed red pepper flake.

I really need to learn to just follow the original recipe. Once again, I cut the onion and pepper amounts in half. As well, we don’t really care for instant rice, so I made regular rice earlier in the day. I added less chicken stock to help since I was not cooking the rice in the skillet. However, it was still too soupy.

I did like the flavor. I’m guessing Dan wasn’t thrilled. I think that I would like to make some kind of taco filling with the spicy ranch flavor again, but I’m not sure if it is worth the effort of a recipe like this. I’m just as happy to pour spicy ranch and taco sauce over grilled chicken. :)

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