Recipe #17 - Margherita Pizza

I really like fresh mozzarella on pizza, so when I saw the recipe for Margherita Pizza in the Food Network Magazine, I had to try it.

I don’t have a food processor, so I mixed the dough by hand and with a stand mixer with a dough hook. I don’t know how that might have affected the texture of the crust. As well, because our house isn’t dough-rising warm, I had to give it a boost in a warm oven. It may not have been covered well while in there which resulted in some dry spots.

I liked the sauce, though I think it is runnier than I would normally like. I was concerned that it would just make the dough soggy, but it didn’t.

I froze the second pizza dough and the remaining sauce, so we’ll have to see how that turns out. I love recipes where I can make it once and freeze half for another meal later, so here’s hoping…

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