Recipe #20 - Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

Way back in the beginning of this cooking/blogging adventure in January, one of the first recipes we tried was Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake out of Cooking with Paula Deen. It was yummy! Instead of a 9x13-inch pan, I made two smaller pans and froze one. I also only put in half the veggies, and both Dan and I agreed that they were enough (if not a little too much still).

One improvement that we though about is changing the bread crumb topping. A long time ago we made a mac and cheese recipe with a garlic-y bread crumb topping. Of course, I lost the recipe. However, I’m sure that I can figure out how to toast some fresh bread crumbs with some butter and garlic. Next time we will make some kind of topping like that for the buffalo chicken pasta.

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