Digging Out Some Stumps


It’s looking like a beautiful day, but I’ve got to work inside. But! At lunch time I ran out to play for a few minutes. This photo shows my parking spot. I want to move that tree (bush?) because it’s right where the car door would ideally open. So instead I back up or pull forward just a bit. However, there are small stumps on either side of that tree and I kick or trip on them a lot. I’ve tugged on them and they wouldn’t budge… But the backhoe had no trouble ripping them out! I also inadvertently pulled out a number of big rocks (well, big enough) that the stumps were wrapped around, explaining why I couldn’t get the stumps out by hand. On the far right is one small pile of stumps and rocks, another hefty rock I pulled is beneath the tree, and another pile is on the far side of the tractor. A seemingly easy task to do by hand that would’ve taken too long made disappointingly quick with the backhoe!

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