Recipe #29- Hoisin-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin, in my opinion, is reasonably priced and the perfect size to feed the three of us for dinner with maybe some leftover for lunch at work the next day. As Patrick is pretty picky, I pass it off to him as pork chop, and he gobbles it up every time. Usually I try to keep his portion of the meat unseasoned and unsauced, but when I made this recipe, I was too lazy and threw the whole tenderloin in the sauce. I probably wiped off the excess glaze on Patrick’s pieces, but he ate it all and liked it! (Granted, his pieces were coated in ketchup so I doubt they tasted much different.)

Dan and I were indifferent about the pork. It was good enough to keep the recipe. I think there is a wide taste difference in hoisin sauce, and I can’t remember which one I like the best and where to buy it. I think that this recipe suffered from a not-so-yummy hoisin sauce. I’ll try it with another brand and see what happens.

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