Using the Tiller


Over the weekend I worked at preparing the garden plot for Sherree. With so much we wanted to do on the property this year she decided she wanted a small plot, about 5- x 12-foot.

I used the backhoe to scrape off the grass and dig out a monster rock that was sitting just under the grass, then hooked up the tiller and made a bunch of passes (deeper each time). This was my first time using the 647 and while getting the 3PH and iMatch together took a while (also my first time doing it), once Patrick and I raised the tiller feet I could till a lot deeper. (Sherree grabbed the above photo of us working on the tiller.) I’ve used a walk-behind tiller a few times and that’s no picnic, so I’ve gotta say, the 647 is awesome! It just chews through everything with practically no effort from me! Totally worth the money vs a walk-behind.

11150216_10153229580402485_9036624407583813490_n.jpg 10995886_10153229580327485_1339587709676834542_n.jpg

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