Digging out a Stump and Rocks


In the front yard a tree stump and rock poked out of the ground just far enough that I couldn’t mow over them, so I wanted to get them out. It’s worth noting that not much grass grows right here, it’s mostly moss. But, needing to mow around that spot and remember that I can’t just go over it would certainly get us in trouble. So, I’ll just dig them out, right?

The stump wasn’t too bad. I also pulled out some rocks helping to hold the stump in, perhaps as big as a softball or a little larger. The other rock that was sticking out was quite large, though: on the order of two cubic feet. And, I found that it was surrounded by other big rocks, too, up to about one cubic foot — not to mention other countless smaller rocks. Here’s the thing of note, though: all of those rocks were just below the surface. I suspect the reason for moss and not grass there is that there was simply no topsoil for it to grow. Hopefully we can green up that spot now!

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