Recipe #32- Lemon Monkey Bread

Dan’s mentioned a few times about wanting monkey bread. I have a good recipe for what I consider a traditional monkey bread- homemade dough rolled in lots of melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon that turns into caramel-covered yumminess. It just takes forever to make.

I saw Lemon Monkey Bread on some post on Facebook, and even though we haven’t had much luck liking viral recipes, we tried it. I never thought to change up the flavor profile of monkey bread. I couldn’t find the rolls in the ingredients list, so I just used store-bought pizza dough. I also didn’t use all of the sugar mixture because I thought it would be overload, and the pizza dough balls only filled an 8 inch cake pan instead of the 9x13. It was good! Slightly sweet with some tang. I’d make it again. :)

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