Follow Me, Boys! Review

Yesterday through the USPS, Amazon delivered the movie Follow Me, Boys! on DVD to us. This is the first time it's been released on DVD and the VHS has been out of print since 1990 (I think). My parents used to have a copy of it recorded from the Disney channel sometime in the 80's, but we apparently watched that over and over until the tape disintegrated. (Or something like that. The VHS disappeared somewhere.) I haven't seen this movie since the tape was lost in the early 90's.

Follow Me, Boys! is a movie set in the 1930s about a guy who decides to settle down in a small town and ends up becoming the Scoutmaster of a newly-formed Boy Scout Troop. Like all Scouters--myself included--he gets suckered into continuing his involvement for 20-something more years. The whole story is a little fantastic and utopian (especially when you consider how well-behaved the Scouts are), but quite good.

We watched Follow Me, Boys! last night and I enjoyed it as much as ever. Sherree even chuckled a few times.

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I have seen the movie and it is amazing how things have changed. Now days a leader would lose his head if he even thought about trying to do anything without a second leader there.

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