The Santa Clause Review

While I like The Santa Clause quite a bit, the whole storyline is relatively predictable and boring: workaholic guy kills Santa, resists taking his place, the idea grows on him, and in the end he's happy to be the new Santa. A good cast and a lot of jokes make it stand out, though.

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I am trying to identify the music from "The Santa Clause" that was played early in the movie when Santa's sleigh descended into the North Pole workshop.

I've seen the DVD, and am still searching for the artist who did that hauntingly beautiful song.

I Like this movie to - a real christmas movie.
I do have one small problem - just after Tim Allen are calling to say he is going to be late, in the start of the movie, there´s a song starting, we see a group of people singing the start of it...... Was the name of that song, and who´s the artist(s)?????

the song that is played when santas sleigh descends into the north pole is a song by Loreena Mckennit called The Bells Of Christmas.

i was wondering what the song is called at the start of the santa cause film. well the one when he is driving home.

Hi the song is called Carol Of Bells.

Thanks a lot kim, that's the one i have been searching for, too... thx ! , kisses, merry christmas

do anyone nows the song in santa clause II while the scene of the school graffiti???

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