Sizzix is the best!


Last year for our anniversary, Dan gave me a Sizzix machine. It's the best thing ever! Since then, I've aquired various accessories for my machine, and friends have asked that I post the dies that Jean (my mother-in-law) and I have accumulated so they can borrow them.

For those of you who may not be familair with Sizzix, it's a personal die cutting system. You place your die on a piece of paper into the machine and lower the handle to press out your image. At first I wanted one for the alphabets to create titles for my scrapbooks, but I've come to love the various images they have on the market.

For my friends, I have the following:

Original Dies


Simple Impressions

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I found the CUTEST face stamps that fit the Sizzix doll, pumpkin and snowflake die cuts on ebay!! They are so easy to use (you can use a glass jar instead of acrylic block)! Go to Ebay and search for PK new stamps! You'll love them!

will this work for making window vinyls?

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