Who Are You?


I'm really curious to know, who are the two-dozen-plus people reading this site through the RSS feeds?

Since I've started using Feedburner to serve up the feeds, I've been able to track viewers a little easier. I'm pleasantly surprised at how many are reading the feeds (particularly in the Movable Type category): as many as 30 circulate (150 hits) daily total, according to Feedburner. I doubt that any of my family is reading via RSS... so who is?

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im one of the people who is reading your rss feed. I love your site--great tips which i've reblogged a few times. feedburner is great, isn't it?


Hi, I found your site and RSS feed through Planet Movable Type. I've been enjoying your entries. Keep up the great work!

I am reading your feed through Bloglines. There are
9 of us.

I read for MT tips and like Karl, I found your site through Planet Movable Type.

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