Building a Cheap (But Good) Video Light


Video lights (like those from Photoflex) are excellent, but expensive. Inexpensive options are very limited--really, the only option is halogen work lights, who's light is very harsh. With a little ingenuity, though, even halogen work lights can put out soft light and be more flexible. With an umbrella and lightstand, I got some pretty good results.

Specifically, I used an Impact 6-foot lightstand, a Photoflex multiclamp, a Photoflex umbrella, and a Sears halogen worklight. Discard the little lightstand that comes with the worklight and clamp the worklight into the multiclamp, as shown at the right and above. It's that easy!

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*Exactly* the affordable solution I've been looking for! I want to be able to shoot decent family portraits and pro lighting equipment is sooooooooo expensive!

I'm a teacher trying to teach 6th graders video skills. Am trying to light my portable studio on a shoe string. I really appreciated simplicity of your solution and the links for each item.

Where did you get the fixture that you bolted to the light for use in the clamp?

How much is enough light?

Thanks for the info.


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