SmartWool Socks are the Best


Just before our Florida vacation, I bought a few pairs of SmartWool Adrenaline socks at EMS. They're made of Merino wool (a no-itch wool) and everybody raves about them, so I decided to try them. Without a doubt, they're the best socks I've ever worn: they keep my feet drier, warmer, cooler, and have more cushion than other socks I've worn (including a variety of hiking socks and cotton crew socks). For Christmas Sherree bought me a few pair of Trekking Expedition socks (heavyweight, good for the winter). Just a few weeks ago I got several pair of Racer RBX socks (a little lighter than the Adrenaline socks) from Sierra Trading Post. Now I have enough SmartWool socks to wear everyday.

The big downside is price: they're significantly more expensive than cotton crew socks, and a little more expensive than most other hiking socks. But definitely worth the price. STP has some good deals if you want to try a few pair for cheap(er).

For what it's worth, I also bought a SmartWool skull cap that I really like.

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