My Frankenstein Wrist


Update - July 30, 2005

In response to a post, here is a photo of my scar. It looks a little bad, and it's my own fault because I couldn't help scratching it as it healed. At first I thought that my surgery was a miracle, but within the last month or so I've been having a lot of trouble with my hand again. I don't think that I'm more active than before, but I've been experiencing pain again and a lot of stiffness in the mornings. I really need to go to the doctor before my follow up in September.

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Thanks to everyone who have sent me well wishes. I'm fine and in minimal pain. Today I got my bandage off and can freely move my hand, which is wonderful. As you can see, I have blue stitches, and eventually the purple marker will wash off. When the doctor took the bandage off, my first thought was that I was stitched up with purple yarn! I'm a moron, I know!

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Tonight maybe we can add some bolts to enhance that Frankenstein look.

What a lovely sight!

Hi Sherree,

My wife Alison, recently underwent a surgical procedure for the same condition. I have to say that your scar is hugely better. Alison has been left with extremely unattractive scarring and a considerable amount of pain and discomfort! Do you have any current images of the scar we could use as a comparison? We have a couple of pictures of her scar when the bandages came off and in it's current state.

Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon.
Mike & Alison.

Hello Mike and Alison-

I hope my update post is helpful. Please let me know how you make out if you visit the doctor about your current pain- maybe I'm having the same problems!

I have surgery scheduled for 1/23/06. Any advise? How soon before you were able to write (this is a HUGE part of my job.) Did you have physiucal therapy?

Hello Vicki-

I had little to no pain after my surgery. I'm not sure if that is normal since I was given a pretty good size bottle of pain killers. I was on a "no repetitive motion" order (including typing and writing) for 2 weeks until after my stitches were out, so I was out of work that amount of time. However, since I didn't have much pain and I was going bonkers, I did try writing and doing a small sessions of typing (until I would feel discomfort) probably about 4 days to a week after surgery.

I was scheduled for 12 sessions of PT, but only went to 4 or 5. With limited pain, I regained my strength easily, and most of my motion wasn't lost due to surgery.

As far as advise, have a few ice packs on hand for the day of your surgery. My hand was imcredibly swollen inside the wrap after surgery. No matter how elevated it was I could not get the swelling down enough to be comfortable, and my ice pack would not stay cold enough.

Best of luck to you!


Thanks for sharing your pictures on the web. I have been searching the internet for days and yours is the only picture I found (other sites required special access to view pictures and articles). I will undergo this surgery as just one of several procedures to try to salvage my wrist/hand strength and function. I broke mine playing volleyball about four years ago and have had two previous surgeries. I'm hoping this one will be the last (third time's a charm, right?). Anyway, thanks for sharing, and I wish you a pain-free future.

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