Tamiya Lunch Box Review, Part 2


Assembling the Tamiya Lunch Box was a lot of fun! My only complaint was that the experience was too short. Instructions were clear, parts were few, and assembly went smoothly. You might like to read Part 1 of the review.

The gearbox went together quickly, though that's definitely the most involved part of the build process. Since the Lunch Box and Grasshopper share the same gearbox, I was already very familiar with its assembly. In fact, I believe I could have put it together completely from memory if I tried!

The rest of the chassis--just the steering and suspension, really--also went together easily. The hardest part always seems to be trying to grease up all the little pieces. With grease-covered fingers, they all slip away easily!

Once the chassis was assembled I bolted the wheels on and finished the radio installation and took it for a quick test drive. After a few adjustments to the steering rods, I had the Lunch Box tracking in a straight line and turning well. And just as advertised, pulling hard on the throttle always pops a wheelie!

The only assembly left is the body. I'm painting it yellow so it will look just like Vanessa's Lunch Box. Several coats of gloss yellow have already been applied. After a few days "cure" time I'll apply the stickers, then finish it with a few coats of clear to help protect it.

Part 2.5 shows the finished body. Part 3 will cover handling, performance, and other fun!

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What paint did you end up using? tamiya paint? and what code I like the way yours turned out! Im geting ready to paint mine now and have some parma daytona yellow.

I used Testors Gloss Yellow to paint the body, and bottles of several Tamiya colors for the details (lights, etc).

Love the site. I'm new to the RC world. Had a Team Losi racing truck back in the day, but I sold it. Now getting back into it, I bought the Lunch Box. It just looked cool. Question for anyone. I bought a Futuba control, which came with two servos. If I were to buy another kit, what are the other two devices called and needed to get one running. I know one of the two devices I refer to is a speed control, but not sure about the other one. It came with the controller. Also, the will any brand for these devices work? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, love your Lunchbox (ooo err!)

I know it was a while ago, but how did you get it 'tracking in a straight line'? Did you have to snap the end connectors of the steering rods off the ball joint then adjust the length? (seems a bit tricky) Or am I missing something?!

Thanks, Adrian

Yes, getting the LB to track in a straight line requires popping the ball joints apart and shortening/lengthening the steering rod. It's really quite easy.

Cool, thanks Dan.. now I know that's what I have to do I will not be so worried about snapping something.
Lovely job, cheers,

hey ijust bought re-release lunchbox form a guy on e-bay. he put it together and i charged the battery and on the first run one of the rear tires came off. i put it back on and now it doesn't have any speed. the motor is turning fast but the wheels aren't. can you help i don't have the manual.

William: did any gears get stripped? Is the diff still all together? Maybe something popped loose. If the motors turning full speed, but the tires aren't, the problem lies within the gearbox and you'll have to crack it open to find the problem.

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