Gmail Invites Still Available


I've still got lots of Google Gmail invites available for anybody who wants one. Just leave a comment.

2006/03/02 Update: I don't have any more invites. Sorry. I hope I get more later!

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Two Gmail invites please. Thanks. This site looks pretty good.

Excellent !!! Thanks for the help.

Can I please have a gmail invite?

Can I please have a gmail invite?

May I too have a gmail invite???

Original and nice web page. Nice style.
Yes I would like an gmail invitation. Thanks...

can you send me invited for gmail please
thank you so much

If it wouldn't be too much trouble I'd like a gmail invite. Thank you in advance


I'll take one if you still have some. Thanks

pls i need a gmail invite pls.

pls i need a gmail invite pls.

hi there, i would really appreciate it if you could please offer me a gmail invite. thanks much!

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