Spring Camporee Photos


A few weeks back was the Mark Twain district Spring Camporee. I went on Friday night and stayed for the morning on Saturday, but left because I wasn't feeling well. So, I didn't get to do much and didn't take too many photos. Here are some of the ones I did take, though.

http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/05/_MG_4513-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/05/_MG_4517-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/05/_MG_4522-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/05/_MG_4526-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/05/_MG_4529-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/05/_MG_4536-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/05/_MG_4537-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/05/_MG_4550-thumb.jpg

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Forty five years ago, when I was a scout leader, we were a lot more "authentic". I see packages of ham in a picture. We used to hunt, trap, and butcher our own dinners after trudging through the snow-covered banks of the lakes of South Florida. We spent hours in the capture and preparation of our cans of VanCamp brand Beanie Weenies. And now, you just open packages of ham. I guess, though, that this is progress! (LOL) You guys are great. Thanks for your postings.

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