Troop 29’s Bum Weekend Photos


Bum Weekend is a special camping trip: it's a reward for the Scouts who have 80% (or better) attendance throughout the year. They get to go off and do whatever they want (we have no scheduled activities) and the adults will do all the cooking and cleaning. As usual, it was at Hammonasset State Park.

I brought along some little radio controlled tanks from Perpetual Kid that my brother Chris gave me for my birthday. The tanks let you play laser tag with them. The trick is, when your tank is hit, you get shocked! And as you can make out in the photo, the shock is big enough to make you drop the control!

The big activity for Don and I was dinner: we got up at 5:30 am to smoke three beef briskets, each with its own flavor. Near dinner time, we made some baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Everybody loved it! Of course, I forgot to take a photo after they were completely done and sliced up for serving.

During my little free time away from cooking, I followed some Scouts who went crabbing and biking.

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that meal was very good and the trip was alsome

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