Camping at Black Rock State Park

Last weekend Sherree and I went camping at Black Rock State Park. It was mostly overcast (only a little rain), fairly quiet (surprising given the large church group across from us), and included S'mores.

While Sherree was off at her Field Biology class I hiked around a bit. The view from the top of black rock was wholly unspectacular--in part due to the exceptionally heavy fog surrounding the area, and in part due to the housing developments that were clearly visible. However, I stumbled across quite a few wildflowers on the way down to take photos of. Despite having my tripod, I'm amazed at what a bad job I did of getting them in focus. The two shown here are--in my opinion--only marginally acceptable. I'll have to try again.

_MG_5488_edited-1.jpg _MG_5496_edited-1.jpg _MG_5506_edited-1.jpg _MG_5508_edited-1.jpg

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