Rachael Ray

Since I reviewed Megan Mullally, I figured I should also put in my two cents about Rachael Ray.

While I have been home (as opposed to working) I have been able to watch Rachael's morning show. I think that it is a good fit for her. I enjoy watching her on Food Network, but I think that she has a good thing going with this new show. I like the variety of content- a nice mix of celebrities, cooking, and real people. I love that the show is filled with regular people and speckled with celebrities. Rachael is very down to Earth and I can really relate to her.

If there is a criticism, I think that there are too many commercials. I'm lucky to have a DVR so I can skip them, but I know that they are necessary in order to divide up all of the little segments. I know nothing about TV production, so I don't have any suggestion on how to transition between short segments without commercials. Of course, as Rachael herself says, they need to pay the groceries- they make so much food on the set and give snacks. I guess it all has to be paid somehow.

Though I like the show a lot, it's not one of my favorites of the season. Once I start working, my TV viewing time will be greatly reduced, so I will opt for my favorites in primetime. What do you think?

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