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It's that time again... time to try and judge the new programs on TV. My first victim is The Megan Mullally Show. I had high expectations for this show- I've been waiting for it all summer. I adored Megan as Karen Walker on Will and Grace and I was very excited that she was going to have her own talk show.

I caught the first show on Monday. When the show opened with a corny musical number I thought, "This is Rosie meets Ellen." It was a total turn off. Then her first guest was Will Ferrell. He is not a favorite of mine mainly because he is not funny. I felt like Megan was stiff, uncomfortable, and stumbling. Also, the glare of the studio lights on her glasses was very annoying. I finished the show hoping for more but was disappointed.

I thought before I could pass judgement I needed to try another show. So today I caught the beginning of the show. I was interested to see Lisa Kudrow, who I find funny, so maybe the show would be better. After Lisa's interview, I turned it off. Megan, disappointly, comes off as boring, not funny, and out of her element. It seems like she has trouble just chatting with guests. It makes it awkward to watch.

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I couldn't agree with you more. I was so dissapointed after watching 2 shows. Megan is surprisingly stiff and awkward. There were many many instances of the dreaded "dead air" when she wasn't saying anything and neither was her guest. I don't think she knows what to do without a script. I can't see this lasting much longer.

I completely agree with you. I was very excited about her show, and sadly, I found myself sorely disappointed. While she may have a knack for acting on the W&G show, she doesn't have that "quality" needed for a talk show that someone like Rosie or Kelly Ripa so naturally carries. I don't see this lasting even a whole season.

Megan Mullally is a multi-talented dynamo! I went to the taping with Carol Burnett expecting expecting an off-beat variety/talk show and a beautiful duet with these two TV icons. Instead, they did a mock "let's bump up the lights" and take questions from the audience from the Carol Burnett Show. The questions were staged and the bit fell flat. Spice the show up with songs and sketches. Pleeze!

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that is disappointed with Megan's show. Maybe she should start using her "Karen" voice. I loved her on Will and Grace! She does look uncomfortable. Hopefully with time, it will improve, but, will it be too late? I have a feeling it won't survive long.

I tivo'd the first week of the Megan show and found myself fast forwarding most of the show. I think I was hoping for a "Karen" to host the show. The show would have been entertaining if the W/G writers were the writers, and Karen was the host. I miss Karen Walker.

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