Name Our Business

I decided to go to a conference for Movable Type (my website-building software of choice) in NYC later this month. There will be some people there looking for help implementing some of the features and capabilities they see demoed there, and I could be one of the people doing that helping.

So, I've decided it's time to officially start a business doing this web stuff. Of course, as the days go by I've come to realize I really don't think I can have things in place in time for the conference, but it doesn't change that there's probably a lot of good opportunity out there for me.

I figure the Movable Type consulting and general web consulting will likely end up as the real focus at some point, but for now I'll try to continue with making some worthwhile plugins. My Better File Uploader plugin is still selling pretty well, so I figure I just need to find a way to recreate that success with another plugin or two (easier said than done)! Advertising revenues continue to climb, too, so I'll keep pursuing that. I don't see us getting rich overnight, though.

So, it's time to become a real business. I've been reading some books and doing assorted research. I'm hoping that if I have some idea of what I'm talking about it will be less expensive to hire a lawyer to help get all of the paperwork taken care of. We'll see, I guess.

Here's the trick: I need to come up with a name. I like the idea of using a slightly wonky name, but haven't figured out what yet. The idea comes from the Icon-o-matic and Wordometer plugins, and the general tone of my Eat Drink Sleep Movable Type site. The other day "Get Webified" popped into my head. I really like it because "Get" is a strong, simple, clear word, "web-" is what it's about, and "-ified" becomes fun and indicates I can get the job done. Of course, is taken already, so that won't work. Sherree has suggested something with a duck foot. Why? Because it's webbed! A little obscure, but I like the Duck Foot or Webbed Foot idea, however I'm not entirely sure how to work it.

Any ideas?

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