At the Six Apart NYC Event

March 20 and 21 was the Six Apart NYC event--the Hackathon on the 20th and the Executive Summit on the 21st. As I mentioned before, I attended. And took some photos, of course.

As I said, the first day was the Hackathon. It was basically a bunch of people sitting around a table talking MT and working on their own projects. I felt a little like a fanboy, getting to meet the people who's tools I use almost daily. I brought a case of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies to share with everyone and just wanted to have some face-time with everyone. I got to do a few short interviews that I'm going to post to Eat Drink Sleep Movable Type; I wish I could have interviewed more people.

At the end of the day we went around the table and showed off what work we had completed. A handful of plugins, an icon and templates, and some other nifty stuff was shown off. I was the last one at the table, and didn't complete anything--so I said "my goal for the day was to share the Thin Mints;" everybody was happy about that!

_MG_6109.jpg _MG_6110.jpg _MG_6129.jpg _MG_6130.jpg

The Executive Summit was a bit more structured with some IT presentations in the morning and business blogging presentations in the afternoon. One presentation that stood out to me was about scaling Movable Type for larger installs; I felt awe after hearing that! It was a high-level overview of how a multi-server installation might work and covered many ideas I had simply never even considered. Also, if you have opportunity to hear Anil Dash speak, I recommend it: after his presentation I was quite convinced that blogs and web communication was more important than air is to all of us!

_MG_6140.jpg _MG_6147.jpg

All in all, it was an inspirational trip: I'm excited to do more with MT and, perhaps more importantly, further fueled to get a business started.

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You failed to mention the amazing coincidence that you wore a green shirt and got a name tag claiming you were from "Frog Design". That was a highlight for me.

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