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I have had all of my album covers (even albums I haven't even started yet) embossed. I think that it adds something extra to your stories, and it dresses them up so your albums just aren't plain books on a shelf anymore. In the past, I have used two different scrapbook embossing companies. If you know of more, please share!

I was first introduced to album embossing at a weekend retreat. The woman that does it came right to the hotel with her equipment and though she stayed up all night completing orders, they came out wonderfully! Her business is called Scrapbooking Impressions and it's based right here in Connecticut.

There are a few things that I like a lot about Scrapbooking Impressions. First, I love the extended amount of graphics that you can choose from. They are definietly graphics that I would choose from to decorate my albums, especially kid albums (when we finally have kids- someday). I also like that you can choose different positions for graphics and text on both the covers (yes, front and back) and the spine. Text is offered in different sizes, which is nice. As well, there are a multitude of colored foils that you can choose from to compliment your album cover. Lastly, she does not deal strictly with Creative Memories albums.

The company that I use the most now is Persona through Creative Memories. I think that it is because of the convenience of it. You buy a shipping box from your consultant, do your order online, and mail off your cover/spine. I've done my annual albums through this company, choosing a different graphic but keeping the text the same, so the spines look wonderful next to each other on the shelf- almost like volumes in a library! Though their graphics aren't vast, I've liked the job that they have done so far. They do only have silver and gold foil, which I find can be limiting. The thing that I find the best is that they have an album designing page. You choose which color and size Creative Memories album you are going to emboss, and as you select graphics and text, it simulates what your album will look like. It's is really cool! However, it is limiting in the fact that you can only do your front cover and spine, and you don't have as many positioning choices as you do with Scrapbooking Impressions.

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I have been using Goldstamp for about 6 years for my scrapbook embossing. I think they were the first company doing this for scrapbookers. I love their work and they have more designs and options than the others. They will either emboss your album or you can buy one. There's also a new customer special to get your first one done for free.

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